The activity extent of the company
-    industrial and installation of industrial and residential metal frameworks .
-    construction and engineering consultation and residential metal frameworks .
-    the management .and control of industrial projects
-    supplying , installing and starting of industries production lines.
-    construction and instalation of mechanical structures.
-    supplying iron ware from mobarake steel company isfahan steel milland other steel factories of the country.
-    markt study and call for pricing.
-   execution cover of overhead and frame inclusive sandwich panel , Sinusoidal ,Trapezoid galvanize sheet,net, glass wool,etc.


  • شرکت تعاونی مسکن کارکنان فولاد
  • شرکت پیام صنعت
  • شرکت انرژی گستر نصیر
  • صنایع تاراز چهارمحال
  • شرکت آرین تکنیک
  • مجتمع فولاد مبارکه