Executive Information

The executive background of firm
1-  manufacture of  pre filter equipped power house of 6 units – taskmaster : machine ajza factory = 120 ton.
2-  manufacture and assemble of structure and pipe and chimney for 4300 zobahan balance package = 620 ton.
3-  manufacture of the cleaning acid line of foolad = 60 ton.
4-  manufacture of tower conveyer of ammonia and urea plot of south pars area .
5-  manufacture of coliseums of Haftom tire crafts = 330ton.
6-  manufacture and assemble the structure of stack house unit inclusive : monorail , conveyer , elevator tower, storage bin and material handling  equipment of zobahan high chimney number 3= 800ton.
7-  manufacture and assemble  of fur ace structure inclusive x profile main column , reformer and blower of plan direct reduction CHAHARMAHAL BAKHTIYARI = 1750ton.
8-  manufacture and assemble of metal frame in 10floor buildings of foolad = 4000ton.
9-  manufacture of fire station coliseum of AHVAZ mayor = 120 ton.
10-  build the 6 floor apartment of MAJLESI city in ISFAHAN = 800 ton.
11-  manufacture of metal frame inclusive : x profile and box of Hasht behesht hotel in KISH = 600ton
12-  manufacture of nawgam store , 13 phase of south pars area  = 100 ton.
13-  manufacture of POGC 13 phase of south pars area .
14-  manufacture and build the 6 floor apartment of foolad city in ISFAHAN = 400ton.
15-  manufacture of producing galvanizeh sheets of CHARMAHAL factory = 3000 ton.
16-  assemble coliseum of producing galvanizeh sheets = 1400ton.
17-  manufacture of mehr metal frame in GHAEM city= 600 ton.
18-  manufacture and assemble of metal frame of residential complex in Apadana street in ISFAHAN.
19-  manufacture of store in BAFGH.
20-  manufacture and assemble of Simin residential complex in ISFAHAN.        


  • شرکت تعاونی مسکن کارکنان فولاد
  • شرکت پیام صنعت
  • شرکت انرژی گستر نصیر
  • صنایع تاراز چهارمحال
  • شرکت آرین تکنیک
  • مجتمع فولاد مبارکه